How do you know the right WordPress support agency to hire? I believe understanding what you want is one thing you should ask yourself. Do you want a WordPress support agency with diverse experience? Or do you probably need their assistance for a particular problem that needs to be solved?

Before implementing your plans, have you ever worried about 24/7 WordPress support? Not the support from the WordPress website but the one you receive from an agency. Now, you’re here! But you think checking the top result on search engines is the best. Well, I’ll tell you there’s more to know about it!

You should know what you want to get the best WordPress support agencies. Discuss your business goals with your marketing team. This is when they’ll combine different research with knowing the right WordPress support company to look for. Have you been surfing the web to know the right one?

Look no further, as we’ve got you covered on this platform. Today, we are keen to walk you through the hiring process for a WordPress Support Agency. Perhaps, you want to know the top questions to ask a WordPress support company. We’ve put together 10 questions that’d help you in the process of hiring.

1. Where Do I Begin Search For The Best WordPress Support Agency?

There are many ways to search for 24/7 WordPress support. While you’re deeply on the lookout for one, rest assured that this platform is on your list. Additionally, you need to understand that we’ve made everything possible to help you get the correct information. Below are some answers as to where to begin.

Surf the Web or Research Online

As you’re doing now, surfing the web to get the correct information is one of the best ways. However, your first option is search engines like Google, Bing, and others. While this seems to be the old fashion way, you’ll be amazed to get tons of information on these platforms.

Get a Recommendation

The recommendation could come from friends or social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Aside from this, you can even get guidance from your hosting company. This is because; many technology vendors have partnerships with WordPress developers and design experts.

2. What Details Do I Need To Know To Get Started?

Before you even start to surf the web for the best WordPress support agency, do you own a website? Of course, that might be funny, but that’s the fact. You need to understand the kind of WordPress support agency you need. Will it be a one-off contract or the 24/7 WordPress support for the long term?

After you might have provided an answer to the questions above, you can get the support you need. Meanwhile, the price varies depending on your source. But some of the details you need include the following.

  • Agree on a clear expectation before hiring a WordPress support agency
  • Cost of the WordPress website support agency
  • Information about your website maintenance
  • Service charge per maintenance or assistance
  • Information about the company or WordPress support agency

3. What Are Your Area Of Specialization?

WordPress support agencies are pretty different from each other. Sometimes you need to understand your agency’s area of specialization before agreeing on a contract. Also, we have seen agencies with team members. In contrast, some agencies only offer WordPress support as part of their job.

In this case, you need to pick the one that meets your expectation. Moreover, we can tell you that the one with a team of professionals seems to be the best option. And that’s because a group claiming only to offer WordPress support can have a deficient level of expertise compared to the others.

Of course, you need to ask whether or not your WordPress support agency has the relevant experience. For instance, if you run an eCommerce business, you’d probably need someone with experience in that field. This means working with someone with experience in your business line has a more significant advantage. Therefore, it’s always better to look for a WordPress support agency in the domain, such as;

  • Business process automation
  • Customer support and service solution
  • B2B/B2C WordPress website agency support
  • 24/7 WordPress support with result-oriented
  • Hospitality and customer relation

5. What Are The Range Of Service You Offer?

I’m sure this should be among the questions you must ask when hiring someone for the first time. A lot of people overlook this important and proceed to assume that the development has everything they want.

Well, the truth is the WordPress support agency is just like a name. Therefore, you need to verify if the company can give you the services you want. Hence, it is essential to know your WordPress support agency services. Not only is that, but to learn everything they offer to choose the one you’re interested in.

6. How Can I Book My Appointment?

You don’t have to know how to check this out until you’re ready to reach out to your WordPress website support. In most cases, it’s always better to ask about how to contact them. If the agency is not within your country, one thing you should consider is the time zone.

Be sure to know whether your agency language is what you understand. Conversely, the agency might have all the necessary support channels. This can range from a phone call or live chat to reaching out through emails. Moreover, if you’re offshoring, ensure you create time for meetings.

7. Is There A Minimum Hourly Rate Or Contract Length?

Sometimes WordPress support agency would want you to sign a contract for a long term. So, how do you want the contract agreement to be sealed? Do you want to be paying an hourly rate? Or do you probably want a fixed rate? Regardless of your decision, it’s always better to ask before you seal a contract.

8. Do You Handle WordPress Design With Maintenance?

Many WordPress support agency handle this task or job together. As an entrepreneur or business owner looking for the right agency, this is one of the questions to consider. Also, some companies are more design-oriented than others. So, know the kind of agency you need for your project or business.

9. Do You Specialize In WordPress Support Alone?

Of course, you might need more service than just 24/7 WordPress support. In that case, you need to ask if the WordPress support agency only specializes in WordPress website support alone. Although there’s nothing wrong with either of them, getting an agency with an appropriate level of experience is crucial.

10. Will You Assign Me A Project Manager Or One Central Contract Partner?

Yes, part of your agreement should be about a project manager. However, be sure to have one or know whether your WordPress support agency would give you all the tools you need. This means you shouldn’t be shy about your management workflow and how you can get in touch with your support.


Establish a solid contract agreement no matter what your WordPress support agency is delivering. That way, you know what you’re doing and how to plan. Using an independent freelancer without WordPress knowledge can be a problem. So, keep your head up, check the questions above and ensure you ask your agency before payment.