In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, challenges often present themselves as opportunities for discovery, learning, innovation, and growth that push the envelope for all the individuals involved. One such instance was encountered during our collaboration with the Financial Planning Foundation (FFP). The described and communicated mandate to employ the Tailwind CSS framework for frontend design, indeed posed a unique challenge for our team, thereby setting the stage for a journey of learning, adaptation, and eventual triumph!

Embracing Tailwind CSS:

Tailwind CSS, a relatively new framework in the open-source arena, required our designers to navigate uncharted territory in a surprisingly short time, with a limited kit of tools to begin with. Despite its complexity compared to more familiar frameworks like Bootstrap, the team recognized the potential for growth, and eagerly embraced the challenge head-on! Dedicating themselves to understanding its syntax, templates, and code structure to the very core, the team converted this obstacle into an opportunity for expanding their skill set, and set a new bar of standards!

About FFP:

The Financial Planning Foundation (FFP) stands as a professional organization, and a beacon of quality in the realm of financial planning. Boasting a membership of over 3,000 distinguished financial planners scattered across the terrain, FFP sets itself apart through a commitment to quality, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Certified financial planners adorned with the coveted CFP® quality mark provide comprehensive advice on financial situations and future planning.

The Journey of the Website’s Build:

Navigating the initial learning curve with Tailwind CSS, we held steadfast to our commitment to maintain high standards throughout the website development process. Leveraging global variables proved to be a key strategy, streamlining the design and development workflow, improving the design, and thereby lending a seamless user experience when navigating the website furthermore. The successful completion of the first phase marked a significant milestone, encompassing the development of six to seven main pages, and seamless integration of the site using the Scratch TailPress theme. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) were employed to empower the client with a user-friendly backend for effortless page editing.

Expanding Horizons:

The client’s satisfaction with the initial phase propelled the project into a more expansive realm. Complex functionalities such as “Find a Financial Planner,” “Scheduler Filter,” “Podcast Integration,” and “Certification” were seamlessly integrated, further enhancing the website’s utility and user experience extensively and much effectively. The team further expanded the site’s scope, functionalities, and capabilities through crafting over 30 additional pages with unique structures to meet the evolving needs of FFP.

The Unseen Heroes:

Integral to the success of the project were the dedicated individuals who formed the backbone of our team. Varun Pandya, Rohan Tripathi, Ashish Mishra, Ghanshyam Patel, Chetan Bhati, Khushal Padhiyar, Pankaj Sharma, Nimesh Makani, and Vijay Vadher each brought their unique expertise, dedication, and collaborative spirit to the table, ensuring the delivery of a high-quality website that exceeded client expectations beyond the set requirements even more!

Echoes of Satisfaction:

The client’s satisfaction echoed through the testimonials they graciously provided upon after having the site made live! These testimonials, which can be viewed here, stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence, and the positive impact our work had on FFP’s online presence.

Continuing the Success Story:

Thereafter, the success achieved by the FFP Foundation as a financial planning community, through their renewed website, became an impetus for the initiating the second phase of website development for addressing their community and purposes. In a bid to expand their reach and impact, FFP has decided to transition from a single domain or website into an extensively designed and multi-functional, multisite website setup. A venture in which, there is a dedicated avenue for a specific branch of business or service in the financial community. We are thrilled to announce that work on the second phase has commenced, marking a new chapter in FFP’s online journey.

Meer Resultaat Online: Paving the Way for Excellence:

By surmounting these challenges, embracing cutting-edge frameworks in design and development, and delivering exceptional results aligned with the deadlines, Meer Resultaat Online has played an unbelievably pivotal role in crafting a professional, user-friendly website for The Financial Planning Foundation (FFP). This platform now stands as a testament to FFP’s unparalleled expertise, surging ahead through the competition and in the field of finance, by offering valuable services to their ever-growing audience.


In the dynamic world of web development, each project taken on is a great journey of learning and adaptability, and the FFP website stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence by a team of enthusiastic and creative individuals! As we venture into the multisite setup for FFP, we carry on with us the lessons learned, experience gained, wisdom discovered, and the successes achieved, thereby enabling, and empowering us to shape new possibilities, and in addition to elevating the online presence of this esteemed financial planning community.