As WordPress developers continue to expand and enhance the platform’s features, users can look forward to more advanced functionality than ever for their websites. From user-friendly themes to better plugin integrations, WordPress developers are consistently delighting WordPress users with new tools and features.

However, this level of customization can also cause confusion. 

WordPress website clients may look for clarity on the latest features or solutions to usability issues, and digital agencies and businesses need to manage multiple WordPress sites at once. With so much to consider, customer support can be challenging to navigate.

To simplify your task, we have researched and curated the best WordPress helpdesk plugins. These plugins can help you streamline your helpdesk processes, and ensure your customer experience is something clients remember for the right reasons.

Let’s dive into the helpdesk plugins that might be the best match for you and your customers’ needs.

1. Supportcandy – Streamline Your Support Tickets

Supportcandy is a user-friendly WordPress helpdesk plugin that simplifies your support ticket system. Its customizable ticket forms and intuitive features can significantly enhance your customer support experience. 

As a Supportcandy user, you’ll benefit from:

  • Efficient ticket management: Supportcandy streamlines the ticket management process, ensuring support requests are organized and resolved promptly.
  • Customizable ticket forms: Tailor ticket forms to your specific needs, collecting essential information for quicker issue resolution.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: The intuitive features of Supportcandy offer a smoother and more satisfying support experience for your customers.
  • No agent or ticket restrictions: Enjoy complete freedom, as Supportcandy doesn’t limit the number of agents or tickets you can host.
  • Versatile custom fields: With over 15 custom field types, you can add specialized information to tickets, customer profiles, and agent-only fields.
  • Private notes: Allow your support team to add private notes within tickets, ensuring seamless internal communication.
  • Advanced ticket filtering: Easily filter and categorize tickets to provide priority support, and resolve specific support requests more efficiently.
  • Real-time email notifications: Keep your team and customers informed with customizable email notifications for various triggers.
  • REST API integration: Seamlessly connect with applications using industry-standard REST APIs, ensuring data security and accessibility.

2. Fluent Support – Balancing Automation and Personalized Support

Fluent Support strikes the perfect balance between automation and a human-centric approach to customer support. This plugin ensures your customers receive fast and reliable assistance while benefiting from personalized interactions, and customizable features.

Here are some highlights of how Fluent Support achieves this balance:

  • Efficient ticket dashboard: Your support agents can manage unlimited tickets and customer inquiries through an advanced but user-friendly ticket dashboard, ensuring no query goes unaddressed.
  • Advanced filtering: Tickets can be categorized and prioritized based on criteria like product, wait times, customer priority, business inbox, and ticket status.
  • Brand-specific custom tags: Identify and resolve customer issues promptly by customizing ticket tags to suit your unique needs.
  • Super fast AJAX loading: Reduce response times with automatic WordPress dashboard updates using cutting-edge AJAX loaders, enhancing your support team’s efficiency.
  • Automation features: Fluent Support streamlines tasks like managing support staff, saving your agents’ time, and minimizing waiting times for your customers.
  • Saved replies: Pre-written replies (that can be changed “on the fly”) can help you save time when dealing with tickets.
  • Effortless integrations: You can seamlessly integrate Fluent Support with over 20 tools, including eCommerce, CRM, and LMS platforms, streamlining your workflow, and ensuring efficient customer support.
  • Comprehensive reports: Gain access to detailed agent and customer support team reports on the dashboard, enabling efficient monitoring, and informed decision-making.
  • Customer history: Access customer details for personalized assistance and track purchase history, which is especially beneficial for WooCommerce and LMS businesses.

3. Help Scout — Elevate Your Customer Support Game

Help Scout is a premium WordPress plugin that adds a full-featured customer portal to your website. But remember, while Help Scout is an advanced solution, like other WordPress customer support plugins, it’s crucial to keep it updated for optimal performance. 

Here are the benefits that Help Scout users can enjoy when their plugin is kept up-to-date:

  • No email required: Enable customers to create new tickets and reply without email.
  • Seamless gist integration: Automatically transform GitHub gist URLs into interactive gist embeds.
  • Customization made easy: Help Scout was developed with WordPress standards and flexibility in mind for effortless shortcodes, filters, and actions.
  • Enhanced customer insights: Effortlessly integrate EDD order info into Help Scout conversations.
  • Engaging attachments: Easily preview and share multiple attachments within threads, keeping support interactive and insightful.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Help Scout aims to make it easy to access customer support data and leverage it for better customer experiences.

4. Awesome Support — Rich Features for Seamless Operations

Awesome Support is a versatile support plugin that operates entirely from your WordPress site. Its rich features – including the ability to import tickets from other platforms – make it a great choice for a diverse range of modern businesses. 

Here’s what WordPress users love about Awesome Support:

  • Import tickets with ease: Easily migrate your existing tickets from platforms like Zendesk, Help Scout, and Ticksy for a smooth transition.
  • Unlimited file attachments: Awesome Support allows users to attach multiple attachments to each ticket they submit, easing customer frustration.
  • Wide range of premium add-ons: Awesome Support’s range of affordable add-ons and extensions makes it a popular choice for a range of pain points.
  • Tailored customer support: Leverage the extensive features of Awesome Support to provide personalized and efficient support to your clients.
  • Diverse industry applications: This plugin is suitable for various industries, from design agencies to real estate and beyond.
  • Unmatched functionality: Enjoy a wide range of features that set Awesome Support apart from other help-desk plugins.
  • Regular updates: Benefit from ongoing development from the Awesome Support team, ensuring your support system stays up-to-date with the latest advancements.

5. LiveChat – For Real-Time Customer Engagement & Support

LiveChat is a feature-rich WordPress support plugin that provides businesses with a real-time chat option. Businesses can connect with customers, and answer any of their questions whenever they browse the website. The plugin allows you to integrate embedded chat buttons and boxes. To utilize this plugin, you just need to create an account on LiveChat and install the plugin.

The LiveChat plugin is well-known for the following features:

  • Offers Better Personalization: It provides unparalleled features for personalizing your chat. For example, you could customize colors and messages to match the site. It even enables you to modify themes for mobile experiences and include team photos for enhanced interactions.
  • Works well with Popular Site Builders: Integration with all the leading site builders, such as Elementor Page Builder, Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, and more.
  • Seamless Third-Party Integration: The plugin is compatible with well-known third-party apps and services, such as Zendesk Messenger, Hubspot CRM, WhatsApp, Mailchimp, etc.
  • Provide 24/7 Customer Support: The plugin allows the customers to share their issues or feedback with you even when you are away with the help of this plugin. 
  • Dashboard: It lets you control all the conversions occurring on multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Discover Seamless WordPress Support with UnlimitedWP

In the end, all the above WordPress support plugins are meant to enhance your support team’s efficiency, and improve customer loyalty.

However, managing these plugins still doesn’t seem like something you have the resources for. Partnering with UnlimitedWP might be your key to the ultimate support and management experience. Other than this, if you want to create a custom plugin to enhance your customers’ support, reach out to UnlimitedWP.

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