UnlimitedWP’s second WP Roundup is here. This is a one-stop source for all of the most newsworthy events happening in the world of WordPress. You’ll also find a handful of useful plugins, themes, and tools that will help you make the most of your WordPress agency processes. Read on to see what’s been happening in our industry.

News to Know

Wordpress News
  • Full site editing is partly a “Go” for WP 5.8. Get ready for a new experience that the WordPress team has been planning for about four years now.
  • iOS 14: An attack on business? A win for everyday users? A lot is going to change in the next few months. Here is a quick summary of what to expect for now
  • Google Analytics 4 is out and you may notice your entire dashboard change after upgrade. We took some time to familiarize ourselves with the new release, and we recommend continuing to use the old Universal Analytics property until you have time to learn the new interface. Biggest change? No more Views to set up goals and filters with.

Useful Themes and Templates

Useful Themes and Templates
  • Oxygen pagebuilder has gotten a lot of traction recently. More agencies and developers are adopting this page builder for their workflows. It works very differently than your average page builder, and in our opinion, performs much better. See what makes it so different along with why page builders even existed in the first place.
  • Want to build a standalone theme from scratch using best WP practices? Start with our favorite starter themes:
    • UnderStrap combines Automattic’s UnderScore with Bootstrap 4. It is easy to get started with your custom theme with modern WP development workflow.
    • Sage uses Laravel’s blade templating engine to enable advanced configurations.
  • If you are building a membership, community, online learning type of a website, you want to check out the BuddyBoss theme platform. It works well with all major plugins and is steadily increasing in popularity.

Useful Plugins

Useful Plugins
  • Imagine Zapier for WordPress. AutomaterPlugin by UncannyOwl does just that, connecting your WP plugins with each other to automate processes without any coding. With websites using a growing number of plugins, code-free automation will become crucial for your clients’ user experience.
  • Towards the end of a project, client revisions can drag on forever. An onsite visual tool for your clients to leave comments/feedback can save a lot of time. We experimented with the WPFeedback plugin with modest results. However, WPFeedback has evolved into a new product Atriam, which offers a complete agency management platform with its WordPress plugin to collect client feedback into your dashboard.
  • Ever work on a WooCommerce site? Woo Product Addon is our favorite addon when it comes to adding product options. Understanding the features of this amazing add-on will help you better serve your WooCommerce based clients.

Agency Growth Tools and Resources

Agency Growth Tools and Resources
  • What is your yearly profile goal and what should be your hourly rate to achieve that? We created an easy to use free calculator for agencies to calculate target hourly rate.
  • Secret Tip: Themeforest has 9800 UI templates. Browse through these templates for your client projects to find an inspiring UI design you can customize. It could give you a head start and save you a lot of design time.
  • Hubspot has created 36 agency resources. Check them out – a couple of them are interesting and useful.


Thank you for reading this edition of UnlimitedWP’s WP Roundup. We do not have an affiliate relationship with any of the third party sites, services or products mentioned above on this page.