If you are a WordPress expert, then you have probably asked yourself this question. How do I choose the perfect WordPress theme for my clients? The truth is that there is no global answer to it because each client’s requirements are different.

You are not alone; many WordPress agencies worldwide have faced this problem. What is your way out of this dilemma? The best solution to this is to use a WordPress theme that helps you build customized websites without much effort. 

After doing thorough research, we have come across the theme that helps you satisfy all of your needs. Presenting you with Pragmatic WordPress Multipurpose Theme. 

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most crucial reasons why you should use a Pragmatic WordPress Multipurpose theme.

Without waiting much, let’s get started.

1. Investment In A Single Theme/Asset Or One-Time Investment 

As an agency owner, you need to deal with multiple clients in different demographics. Hence, you will be purchasing multiple premium themes to create websites that satisfy the needs of your clients. Along with the themes, you will require premium plugins that are compatible with the themes, which ultimately increases the project’s cost.  

Here, if you choose to build your own WordPress theme, you will have to invest a lot of time and effort. A better solution is to choose a premium theme that offers everything you need and works well for multiple clients. 

By using a single theme like Pragmatic WordPress Multipurpose Theme for multiple clients, you will save precious  time, energy, and expenses for your agency. Plus, you can customize the theme as per the needs of your clients.

2. Same Configuration and Setup 

As we can use the Pragmatic WordPress multipurpose theme on multiple sites, we don’t have to spend time on repeated configuration. By doing this, we save a lot of time and effort.

All we need to do is install the theme, and make minor changes in the theme settings, and we are ready to start the project. The theme comes with a built-in customizer, which lets you change colors, fonts, and other aesthetic aspects of your website according to your needs.

3. Updates And Maintenance Is Easier With One Theme To Manage

If you have multiple themes for different clients, it becomes challenging to maintain and update them all in one place. If you have to do it manually, there are chances of errors, and the result may not be satisfactory. 

Nevertheless, updating and maintaining one theme is easier than updating and maintaining multiple themes. You can get rid of all those hassles, and focus on activities associated with WordPress development.

4. Light Weight With No Bloatware

It’s essential to have a lightweight theme as it makes your website faster, more responsive, and SEO-friendly. 

As compared to all the other themes, Pragmatic WordPress multipurpose theme only has the necessary elements, and the most commonly used sections without any bloatware. For those who don’t know, bloatware is usually something that is unnecessary for your website. It can slow down your website, and make it look cluttered and unprofessional.

Many so-called multipurpose themes often include things that are designed to be used with certain plugins, or the developers have included extra functionality in the theme that you don’t need. Hence, it is crucial to research your theme before purchasing. 

5. No Dependency On Custom Functionalities

One of the most significant advantages of the Pragmatic multipurpose WordPress theme is that it doesn’t depend on any custom functionality. Additionally, you won’t need to install extra plugins that aren’t necessary.

The theme is built with the most widely used plugin, Elementor, and that too with its free version, so that the theme’s dependencies don’t weigh down your website.

The theme comes with a basic setup, and is ready to use right out of the box. This makes it ideal for websites that are already running on a pre-existing framework or custom codebase.

6. Everything Is Build Using Standard Elementor Practice

The theme is super easy to use, even for non-designers, because everything is built using standard Elementor practice, making it easy to customize any aspect of your website. It’s also fully responsive and retina-ready, which means you will be able to access your site on any device – including mobile phones and tablets!

7. Developer Friendly

In the end, the theme is extremely developer-friendly. It’s built with Elementor (one of the most widely used and compatible page builders), and has full customizability that allows you to customize the theme exactly how you want it. 

The developer team has done an excellent job at making this theme easy to customize. They have provided 15+ unique prebuilt templates, 35+ modules, an easy-to-use interface, and a page builder with a drag-and-drop functionality.

Other than this, the multipurpose WordPress theme offers a header and footer builder, responsive layout, global color options, on-page SEO, and one-click installation. So, it becomes effective for the developers to use this theme to build customized websites.


Pragmatic is a multipurpose theme that is specifically designed for agencies. The theme has an unlimited potential to transform any agency’s work. It is a super effective solution not just for you but also for other development agencies worldwide

As an agency theme, the theme’s easy updates and maintenance support buzzing with tips and tricks is the best part, with one less thing to worry about, and more time to focus on the creative work you do best. However, the Pragmatic theme is one that has been tried, tested, and loved by many web designers. 

By choosing this multipurpose theme, you are sure to make all your clients happy as it brings a wide variety of benefits, making your job easier!

If you don’t know how to build websites using the Pragmatic multipurpose WordPress theme, contact us. UnlimitedWP is a leading white label WordPress agency. We have a highly experienced team of designers, developers, and QA testers who can build the best websites according to your requirements and goals.