Running a digital agency means juggling numerous tasks; sometimes, the load can get overwhelming.

Turning to freelance WordPress developers and designers is a smart move to lighten the workload. However, it’s crucial to consider which tasks to delegate to freelancers.

While they can be a tremendous help, certain aspects demand your expertise, and in-depth knowledge of your clients.

It’s all about finding the right balance to ensure optimal results for your agency and clients.

So, how can you know which tasks to hand over to freelancers?

Well, that’s what we’ll discuss in this blog post as we share two lists of what you should (and shouldn’t) let your freelancers handle.

Tasks You Should Assign to Your WordPress Freelancers

To ensure a smooth collaboration, tap into your freelancer’s expertise where it truly shines.

Here’s a guide to the six tasks that should align perfectly with your WordPress freelancer’s strengths, helping you add an extra layer of excellence to your projects:

Plugin Customization and Integration

Let your WordPress freelancer work their magic in customizing plugins to fit your clients’ unique needs.

Whether tweaking existing ones or crafting custom solutions, freelancers can perfectly shape functionalities to match your requirements.

In fact, many are professionals at seamlessly blending multiple plugins, creating a symphony of features that take your clients’ websites to new heights.

Theme Customization for Brand Alignment

Unleash your freelancer’s creative flair by letting them infuse your clients’ brand essence into website themes.

This involves incorporating brand colors, fonts, and style elements, along with creating a website that uniquely represents each client’s identity.

Code Optimization for Speed and Efficiency

Tap into your freelancer’s technical prowess to fine-tune your clients’ website code.

Streamlining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will boost loading speed and overall performance, crafting a positive user experience while enhancing search engine visibility.

Responsive Design Adjustments

Let your freelancer handle the job of fine-tuning each website’s responsiveness.

In this mobile-centric era, a WP freelancer can ensure your site looks great on all screens, whether desktops or smartphones.

The result? A visually appealing and user-friendly experience across devices.

Troubleshooting and Technical Support

Make your WordPress freelancer the go-to problem-solver.

With their specialized skills, they can swiftly identify and resolve issues like plugin conflicts or theme glitches, ensuring your clients’ sites always operate as they should.

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends

Set your freelancers to stay in the loop with the latest industry trends and WordPress updates. By staying connected with new features, like WordPress themes, plugins, and design trends, your freelancers can bring fresh and innovative ideas to each WordPress site.

Tasks You Shouldn’t Assign to Your WordPress Freelancers

While freelancers bring their unique skills to the table, some tasks might be handled internally or by specialized roles within your agency.

Here are six areas where your freelancer’s talents are best saved for another day:

Ongoing Content Management

Regular blog updates and page content refreshes are less suited for a freelance WP developer because these tasks primarily involve content management, creative writing, and updating information. These are not part of the WordPress developer’s job description.

Instead, consider entrusting them to a content-savvy colleague or a virtual assistant who excels at keeping things dynamic and up-to-date.

High-Level SEO Strategy

Planning a big-picture SEO strategy involves more than just tactical skills and isn’t exactly a developer’s forte.

It requires the touch of a dedicated SEO specialist or marketer. They bring a holistic view to the table, ensuring your clients’ websites align with their broader goals.

Daily Website Maintenance

Updating plugins, moderating comments, and managing backups might not be the most efficient use of a freelancer’s time.

Consider passing the torch to someone with a knack for the day-to-day intricacies, like an admin whiz who loves keeping things shipshape.

Brand Design Creation

Designing logos and brand guidelines is an art. Let graphic designers or brand strategists take the lead. After all, they’re the pros at visually capturing a brand’s essence – something a WordPress freelancer can’t pull out of their creative toolkit.

Extensive Project Management

Handling a large WordPress project means wearing many hats. Even the best WordPress developers will struggle with this.

So, although it can be a good idea to hire WordPress developers on a freelance basis to help manage specific parts of the project, a dedicated project manager will be needed. They ensure timelines harmonize, resources are in tune, and stakeholders are always in the loop.

In-depth Website Security Measures

While freelancers can implement basic security measures, in-depth website security, including threat assessments and advanced security protocols, is best handled by cybersecurity experts. Ensure the safety of each WordPress website by involving specialists with a deep understanding of online security.

Key Takeaway

Tapping into the skills of a freelance WordPress developer or designer can significantly ease the workload for your digital agency.

You can enhance the quality of your projects by assigning tasks like plugin customization, theme alignment, code optimization, responsive design, troubleshooting, and trend awareness.

However, it’s crucial to recognize tasks that are better suited for internal or specialized handling, such as ongoing content management, high-level SEO strategy, daily website maintenance, brand design creation, and extensive project management.

Striking this balance ensures a smooth workflow, contributing to the overall success of your agency and client satisfaction.

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