WPCS - UnlimitedWP

WPCS – UnlimitedWP

Easily turn WordPress into SaaS

UnlimitedWP partners with WPCS

Features of WPCS

Introduce SaaS principles to WordPress


Switch to multi-tenant WordPress and introduce SaaS infrastructure to your WordPress business 


Stay lean and mean with our unique WordPress Devops. Keep control, even as you scale and grow.


Use the API, and build the automations that will enable your business to run on autopilot


Unlimited performance and uncapped individual scaling on all WordPress installations

What is WPCS?

WPCS is a multi-tenant hosting and management platform enabling you to manage hundreds or even thousands of WordPress websites easily.

The need for UnlimitedWP?

UnlimitedWP is your development partner to fulfill your daily development needs of maintenance, customization, and new website developments. All of these are done at a fixed cost.

You need a WordPress stack that’s easy to manage, secure, and reliable for all of your client’s websites. We’ve got you covered with UnlimitedWP.com, the leading WordPress development partner of agencies. With UnlimitedWP’s help, you can streamline your website setup and migration process. We’ll work with you to ensure all of your websites are up to date and running flawlessly on WPCS.IO.

We’re here to help you meet all of your development needs, whether maintenance or customization, new site developments, or just helping you get them done faster than ever!

How does UnlimitedWP help?

  1. We migrate all of your existing websites into the WPCS platform.
  2. We update the stack of your existing websites first so all of your sites are ready to be migrated inside WPCS.
  3. We build new websites within the WPCS platform
  4. We version control and take care of all regular maintenance inside the WPCS platform
  5. We build custom plugins and integrations to launch your WAAS with the WPCS platform

Our partnership

WPCS is a multi-tenant hosting and management platform enabling you to manage hundreds or even thousands of WordPress websites easily. However, migrating your existing sites or building your base website for your WAAS is the first step toward getting you started. UnlimitedWP helps with not only your first steps but continues to help you manage your infrastructure at a fixed monthly cost.

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“We have a window of technical advantage to exploit until the World catches on that multi-tenancy is available.”

Founder @ The Tattoo Platform

Multi-tenant WordPress features

  • Multi-tenant WordPress
  • Version Control
  • Serverless hosting
  • Snapshots
  • Manual backups
  • Automatic SSL Certificate
  • Free migration plugin
  • API enabled management
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • AWS Global data centers
  • Hourly charging
  • One-Click login
  • Easy to use Console

Experience the power
of multi-tenant WordPress

Partnership FAQs

Can I form strategic partnership with UnlimitedWP?

Reach out to us and we can evaluate your product or service fit with our mission of helping digital agencies save time and cost.

Do I have to be UnlimitedWP customer to avail the offer?

No. This offer is available for both our customers and followers.

Are UnlimitedWP and WPCS same company?

No. UnlimitedWP and WPCS are two separate companies with completely different ownership. UnlimitedWP has formed a strategic partnership with WPCS to offer discounts.

Why UnlimitedWP partnered with WPCS?

UnlimitedWP’s mission is to help digital agencies save time and cost from WordPress development. We are dedicated to helping agencies and only agencies. Our core service exactly does that.

On our journey we come across great tools and resources that we think can benefit agencies greatly. We want to share these tools and resources to our agency partners to take benefit of them to save time, save cost, increase efficiency, and overall scale agency business.

We form strategic partnership with trusted allies who share our mission of helping agencies. We try our best to avail you exclusive discounts from our relations with third party companies such as WPCS.

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