This is the sixth edition of our WP Roundup, and by this point, I am sure the earlier editions have been useful for you. Many of you have reached out to tell me what a useful source of industry information the Roundup is, and that encourages me to keep sending you all of the latest and most important things happening in the WordPress industry. In this edition, we’re covering some of your questions pertaining to Agency Do’s, Various Plugins for Caching, some of the Useful resources for the agency.

News to Know

Wordpress News
  • WordPress 5.8 is set to release on July 20th: WordPress 5.8 is set to release on July 20th, and a release candidate is out now, so get your hands on it early. Remember WP is dropping support for Internet ExplorerE 11 from this point onwards.
  • FlipWP: FlipWP launched last week as one of the first private acquisition marketplaces to buy and sell WordPress businesses. We got the membership asap and are keeping our eyes on what is to come.
  • WordPress Economy Drives More Than Half a Trillion in Revenue, New Global Study Shows: WordPress Economy Drives More Than Half a Trillion in Revenue, New Global Study Shows. First-of-its-kind research projects WordPress Economy expansion to $635.5B in 2021.

Agency Do’s for Running a Profitable Agency

Agency Do’s for Running a Profitable Agency

Many of you have downloaded our useful checklist of Top Do’s and Don’ts for Running a Web Agency. Here is a short version of some of the advice on that list that will help your agency succeed:

  • Focus on the main thing: Every business has a core value – the one main thing it does better, faster, or more efficiently than everyone else. The sooner you identify that main thing, the better you can focus your work on it entirely.
  • Pick your niche: Clients with budgets want to work with specialists and not generalists. Be a specialist in the niche market you like, and find ways to cater to your niche audience in a bold, specific way.
  • Take massive actions: Executing a good plan today is almost always better than starting a perfect plan next week. In fact, there’s a good chance your plan will never truly be “perfect” because uncertainty is common to every business. The sooner you take big, bold actions that push your agency forward, the faster you’ll achieve your goals.

Security Plugins

Security Plugins

In this section, we have compared Caching Plugins and services for your WordPress website.

  • WP Rocket: This premium plugin not only offers caching but also includes everything needed to improve site performance in one package. That includes caching, file optimization, lazy loading, database optimization, and few other important things all in one easy-to-use package.

    This has been the go-to plugin for the majority of the agencies as it provides best of the industry solution at a fixed price of 249 USD / Year for unlimited sites. The plugin is compatible with almost all the Hosting providers, Themes, Plugins, and Page Builders. It does not have any free version. WP Rocket claims their plugin is active on 1.7 million websites.
  • W3 Total Cache: This plugin has been a go-to plugin for many developers and agencies who are looking for free caching solutions for their client’s websites. The plugin has already 1+ Million active installs with over 3500+ 5 star ratings on

    W3 Total Cache has almost everything WP Rocket has, except database optimization and cache preloading. One other big difference is that WP Rocket does most of the job by itself, whereas W3 Total Cache is more developer-friendly. You get more options to configure the caching and optimizations settings to fit your needs.
  • WP Super Cache: If you need a plugin that mainly focuses on caching work, is open source, and comes from a reliable source, WP Super Cache is for you. This plugin is from Automattic itself and provides a top-tier caching solution with no extra bells and whistles. It has over 2+ million active installs and supports the majority of the plugins and themes.

Agency Growth Tools and Resources

Agency Growth Tools and Resources
  • Usersnap: Customer Feedback made easy: Usersnap is a tool for agencies to take the feedback and modification requests from their clients in a more organized manner. This reduces the amount of back and forth communication over email.
  • CleanTalk.Org: Is your website getting a lot of spam contact form submissions? CleanTalk can block these spam messages and many other forms of unwanted contact. Their pricing of $8/site/year makes it super affordable. We personally use it on our sites and recommend it to agency partners.
  • Chances are you have heard about the amazing free chat tool It is a 100% free forever live chat and knowledge-base tool that we have been using and promoting for years.

Thank you for reading this edition of UnlimitedWP’s WP Roundup. We do not have an affiliate relationship with any of the third-party sites, services, or products mentioned above on this page.