Thinking about hire WordPress developers for your digital agency? Well, picking the right people for the job is an absolute game-changer.

 As an agency owner, you get it – finding a WordPress developer who clicks with your team’s vibe and workflow is key.

And whether you’re eyeing freelance developers or considering full-service partners, your decision can significantly influence your clients’ satisfaction and your business reputation.

Thankfully, with careful research and thoughtful consideration, you can find the best folks for the job. We’re talking about WordPress developers who meet – and exceed – your expectations.

In this blog, you’ll find a handy guide with insights to help you through the hiring process. 

We’ll explore where to scout for top-notch developer talent, essential interview questions to ask, and the work samples to request.

Tip #1 Look at the Right Places

The first step when hiring WordPress developers is knowing where to look. To find the best talent, we recommend exploring the following places: 

  • WordPress development websites: Check out individual WordPress agencies or companies for potential partnerships.
  • Toptal: Connects you with the top 3% of freelance WordPress developers through a straightforward matching process.
  • WPhired: A WordPress-specific job board where you can post jobs for free, connecting you with candidates of various experience levels.
  • Upwork: A well-known job platform where you can easily find quality WordPress developers for hire.
  • WordPress jobs: Managed by WordPress, this platform is a great starting point for finding freelance WordPress developers.
  • WP recruitment agency: Consider specialized WordPress recruitment agencies for a more hands-off approach to finding talent.

Tip #2 Ask the Right Questions

There are many different facets to the WordPress developer job description. You want your chosen developers to be versatile and capable of wearing the different hats they’ll need to cover all the bases. 

But there’s a limit to the number of questions you can throw their way in an interview. Simplify things by focusing on the most crucial questions, including: 

1. Can you walk me through your process for creating custom WordPress themes from scratch?

Look for a developer who understands the technical aspects of custom theme development, and can clearly describe their process. 

A great response to this question will cover topics like:

  • Initial client consultations
  • Wireframing
  • Design mockups
  • Coding
  • Testing
  • Client feedback loops

2. What’s your experience with WordPress page builders versus custom coding?

This question explores the different approaches involved when using page builders or engaging in custom coding – a common dilemma in WordPress development. 

The developer’s response will help highlight their adaptability, and how they balance customized solutions with operational efficiency.

3. What’s your strategy for guaranteeing a website’s security, and what steps do you take to implement it?

It’s essential to look for a developer who prioritizes security from the get-go. Their process should include practices like: 

  • Regular software updates
  • Secure hosting choices
  • Encrypted connections (SSL)
  • Security plugins

4. Tell me about when you had to troubleshoot a particularly tough WordPress issue.

Problem-solving skills are gold in WordPress development. Ask the candidate about a time when they tackled a difficult WP issue

An experienced developer will be able to tell you about how they: 

  • Identified the problem 
  • Researched a solution
  • Took steps to resolve it
  • Implemented preventative measures for the future

5. How do you approach plugin selection and management?

Choosing and managing plugins can be tricky, but skilled WordPress developers will be able to tell you in detail how they pick the right tools, and use them effectively. 

6. What’s your approach to mobile responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility?

Living in a world with various screens requires adaptability. Ask developers about their approach, and favor those who prioritize seamless functionality across browsers and devices.

7. How do you stay updated with the latest WordPress trends and updates?

Given the constant evolution of WordPress, it’s crucial to ask candidates how they keep up with these changes. 

A top-quality WordPress developer typically keeps up through blogs, conferences, online forums, and continuous learning opportunities.

8. How do you handle website performance and optimization for speed?

When hiring a professional WordPress developer, finding someone with time-tested optimization techniques is crucial. This includes expertise in areas like: 

  • Image compression
  • Caching strategies
  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  • Leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

9. Can you give an example of a custom functionality you developed for a client?

This question helps identify developers who excel in communication, manage client expectations well, and skillfully incorporate feedback when making project adjustments.

10. How do you handle client feedback, especially if it involves significant changes to the project?

Flexibility and a cool head under pressure are must-haves in a developer. This question helps you identify a candidate who not only welcomes client input but also demonstrates a collaborative approach to implementing changes.

Tip #3 Request Work Samples

Now, let’s explore the essential work samples to request when hiring a WordPress developer. 

This step lets you gauge the developer’s ability to deliver the excellent results your clients deserve.

  • Custom WordPress theme portfolio: Check out the developer’s past work to see how they bring brand visions to life with a mix of design and functionality. 
  • Performance optimizations: Ensure the developer values user experience, and knows the SEO benefits of quick-loading pages. This ensures your clients’ sites are not only user-friendly, but also SEO-friendly.
  • WP plugin management: See how they handle plugins for a fast, smooth-running website. Their approach to managing plugins reflects their ability to enhance site functionality while maintaining performance.
  • eCommerce sites: Look at their responsive designs, especially for eCommerce – seamless user experiences depend on them. Looking at their eCommerce designs will confirm they can create online stores focusing on user-friendly design.
  • Custom WordPress development: Get insights into the developer’s ability to deliver specialized solutions. This gives you a glimpse into their innovative approach to addressing specific project needs.
  • WordPress core contributions: Find out if they actively contribute to improving WordPress beyond just using it. Their involvement in the core community signifies a commitment to the continual improvement of the platform.
  • API integrations: Ensure a developer can seamlessly connect WordPress sites with other apps and services for effective communication. This will reveal how confidently they can integrate your clients’ sites with various digital platforms.

Finding the ideal WordPress developers for your agency requires thoughtful consideration. 

This involves scouting talent in the right places, and asking candidates the right questions to make sure they can deliver real results. 

In addition, requesting work samples – like custom theme portfolios, eCommerce and API integrations, and performance optimizations – will give you valuable insights into a developer’s skill set and experience. 

Putting this comprehensive approach into action will help you secure a suitable WordPress developer who delivers exceptional results for your clients and your agency every time. 

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