Join us as our visionary Founder, Ronik Patel takes on the podcast stage with the polymath Corey Quinn. Corey Quinn is an entrepreneur, sales leader, and B2B marketing executive with more than 25+ years of experience in the field and helps digital agencies grow their sales and business. He runs a podcast known as “The Vertical Go-To-Market.” In this podcast, he conducts interviews with SaaS and agency owners running a vertical or multi-vertical approach in a business and has become successful. Corey Quinn has recently done a podcast with our Founder, Ronik Patel. He started the podcast by asking Ronik about his introduction and what UnlimitedWP does as an agency. Ronik shares his entire journey of building UnlimitedWP, how we started as a small marketing agency and later transformed into a 7-figure productized agency. After the introduction, Corey went deeper into the podcast and asked crucial questions.

What are productized services?

It is a type of service that is designed & packaged similarly to a product, having predefined features, pricing, and a set of deliverables.

What makes your agency a priority focus for your product?

Initially, Ronik said that he was living in the United States and the development team in India. We offer all kinds of services related to web development. I was doing all the communication with the clients and delivering the projects. However, I was having issues in growing the business. Accidentally, we got an agency client in 2016 and realized we could work with 10 agencies rather than one. We found out that we can scale without requiring any staff in the United States. He decided to learn about this business and established UnlimitedWP, where his primary focus was on delivering services as a product.

How do you market your productized services?

Ronik said that he was hanging around at the places where agencies are. Plus, he joined Facebook groups where the target audience was present. He even wholeheartedly shared everything he followed to transition from a web & mobile app development agency to a WordPress-only agency within a day. He even talked about the challenges behind scaling an agency. Lastly, Corey asked Ronik what is the first step toward establishing a productized agency. Ronik insightfully shared all the details any new agency should consider to reach the right audience quickly and achieve success in a short period of time.