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UnlimitedWP partners with InstaWp

Features of InstaWP

Quickly create a WordPress sandbox with amazing flexibility

Instant sites

As the name suggest, you immediately get a WordPress instance ready to go!

No Server

Well, there are servers behind the scenes, but you don’t need to worry about them!

Free SSL Certs

We auto provision and auto install SSL certs for all sites.

Automatic Domain

We assign a domain name to every site so you don’t have to mess with DNS!

PHP & WP Version

Find those nasty bugs with different WP, and PHP versions so that your customers don’t have to.

In-Built Tools

Tools for view logs, auto magic login, database editor, and code editor.

What is InstaWP?

Launch WP instance in less than a second. Use it to build sites for clients, develop a WordPress product, or test any aspect of a WP site.

Who is it for?

Developers and agencies can use InstaWP to save time and cost by spinning up WordPress install to test any scenarios. E.g. Experiment with different event plugins on a dummy WP instance to see which plugin’s features meet your need without messing up the live site.

Do you use it?

We at UnlimitedWP have been using InstaWP for a long time and our development team loves the product. InstaWP team is a close friend of ours where both of our teams work on the same mission of helping agencies save time and cost.

Our partnership

UnlimitedWP has formed a strategic partnership with the InstaWP team to offer this amazing tool at a discounted rate to its customers and followers.

InstaWP has been an invaluable tool for support and QA testing for our work on Google’s Site Kit and Web Stories plugins, allowing us to quickly and easily spin up new sites to test a wide variety of scenarios. 

Supporting and testing such complex plugins in the massive WordPress ecosystem means that we’re constantly trying to replicate reported issues, and InstaWP is integral to that work. 

We’re excited to begin using it as part of the WordPress Performance Team, as well, to conduct benchmark and ongoing progress testing for our work to optimize the speed and overall performance of WordPress core.

Bethany Chobanian Lang

Community Team Lead at 10up

Free Account

Upgrade to Agency account with our special 40% off partnership discount.

Partnership FAQs

What are the terms of offer?

Get 40% off on InstaWP Agency plan for the first year.

Can I form strategic partnership with UnlimitedWP?

Reach out to us and we can evaluate your product or service fit with our mission of helping digital agencies save time and cost.

Do I have to be UnlimitedWP customer to avail the offer?

No. This offer is available for both our customers and followers.

How does the special offer work?

Click here to register for paid account with InstaWP. Or start with a free trial first and when ready to upgrade use coupon code: unlimitedwp

Are UnlimitedWP and InstaWP same company?

No. UnlimitedWP and InstaWP are two separate companies with completely different ownership. UnlimitedWP has formed a strategic partnership with InstaWP to offer discounts.

Why UnlimitedWP partnered with InstaWP?

UnlimitedWP’s mission is to help digital agencies save time and cost from WordPress development. We are dedicated to helping agencies and only agencies. Our core service exactly does that.

On our journey we come across great tools and resources that we think can benefit agencies greatly. We want to share these tools and resources to our agency partners to take benefit of them to save time, save cost, increase efficiency, and overall scale agency business.

We form strategic partnership with trusted allies who share our mission of helping agencies. We try our best to avail you exclusive discounts from ourc relations with third party companies such as InstaWP

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