As WordPress has evolved, the meaning of the term “WordPress expert” has also changed over time. To address the dynamic needs of WordPress users, it’s now common for WordPress experts to specialize in specific areas of expertise. 

But what exactly are these specialized roles, and what skills should you seek in each WordPress professional?

To simplify your task, we are here to discuss 10 different types of WordPress experts and help you understand why you might need each one.

1. WordPress Development Experts

While WordPress development expertise has always been essential, top WordPress websites now require more than just baseline web development skills. 

This is how specialized WordPress development experts were born. Skilled in creating tailored solutions, WordPress development specialists can help you with everything from custom WordPress themes and plugin development to seamless integrations and advanced functionalities. 

To be sure your site stands out in your industry, here are our tips for hiring the best quality WordPress developer for your needs:

  • Look for a web developer or team with a strong portfolio in your (and your clients’) specific industries
  • Seek expertise in custom database management for scalable solutions
  • Ensure proficiency in both WordPress theme development and plugin integration
  • Determine their skill level in advanced functionality, especially in areas like eCommerce and customer support
  • Assess their knowledge of tools and interfaces like REST API to evaluate their commitment to ongoing learning and the latest WordPress trends.

Tip: Whether you’re hiring WordPress developers on a freelance or permanent basis, put time into crafting the perfect WordPress developer job description. The best WordPress developers for your business are the ones who align with your business goals, so be clear about the exact expertise you’re looking for.

2. WordPress SEO Experts

Visibility is an essential component of online success. WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts understand how to ensure your WordPress site is seen by the right people in the right places.

As WordPress specialists, their expertise in SEO practices can be seamlessly integrated into your WordPress websites, aligning with standards across the WordPress community. This ensures your websites not only rank highly, but they also resonate with your target audience and drive more meaningful engagement.

To choose the right WordPress SEO experts for your business needs, look for those with:

  • A proven track record in WordPress SEO, with analytics to support their success stories
  • Experience in strategic keyword research and effective implementation
  • Proficiency in local SEO for geo-targeted audiences
  • A deep understanding of SEO plugins like Yoast and Semrush.

3. WordPress Support Experts

As the WordPress platform advances, dedicated support has become vital for keeping WordPress projects on track. This is why some WordPress experts now dedicate their time to helping WordPress users overcome challenges and troubleshoot issues like conflicts, hosting problems, and more.

However, the thing is, not all WordPress support agents are equal.

When seeking support from WordPress support experts, consider those who:

  • Demonstrate a history of responsive support (and working hours that align with your business needs!)
  • Can troubleshoot complex technical challenges associated with WordPress core files and third-party integrations
  • Can manage and resolve theme and plugin conflicts quickly!
  • Carry out thorough site audits for issue identification
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and optimization tips.

4. WordPress Security Experts

As the world becomes increasingly connected by the day, data security and compliance are now non-negotiable. 

Enter: WordPress security experts are here to help you safeguard your website and user data and mitigate risks associated with data breaches and compliance vulnerabilities.

But before hiring a WordPress security expert, what exactly are you looking for? We suggest seeking experts:

  • Experienced in not only implementing and managing sophisticated security protocols but also training teams on WordPress security
  • Familiar with global data protection regulations like GDPR and HIPAA
  • They have developed unique strategies for handling sensitive data and providing you with complete peace of mind
  • They have expertise in firewall configuration and encryption for more robust protection
  • They conduct regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.

5. WordPress Design Experts

How your WordPress website functions is essential, but it’s well-known that most web users still judge a book by its cover (at least initially!). In fact, 94% of website first impressions are design-related

With a WordPress design expert, you can create designs that captivate your audience and align with your brand identity and user experience expectations.

But what should you be looking for in a WordPress design expert? Consider candidates:

  • With a focus on user experience.
  • Ask the right questions about your brand values and identity aspirations before getting started.
  • Having experience creating mobile-responsive designs for a seamless user journey.
  • Who utilize design elements for improved website accessibility and inclusion
  • Skilled in creating designs optimized for high-resolution displays

Tip: Before you hire WordPress developers and designers, always ask about their skills in client communication. While some WordPress specialists – like those specializing in white-label services – will already be skilled in this area, it’s always good to know how client-centric their design approach is.

6. WordPress Accessibility Experts

Accessibility is vital for the user experience. When browsing the web, website visitors want to feel seen and included and know that your business is upholding industry standards and keeping up with modern practices.

To ensure your websites cater to people with diverse abilities, include accessibility features, and comply with legal standards, we recommend hiring experts who:

  • Emphasize user experience in user testing, particularly in areas like accessibility and inclusive functionality
  • Know how to implement elements like ARIA landmarks for improved navigation
  • Have skills in designing accessible forms for an inclusive user experience
  • Have a track record of creating content that complies with WCAG guidelines

Note: While a professional WordPress developer should already have baseline knowledge of accessibility practices, a specialist in this area will be able to deliver long-term strategies and streamline processes to ensure you meet industry standards.

7. WordPress Maintenance Experts

Regular upkeep is crucial for optimal website performance. Especially for advanced WordPress sites, keeping your site updated, secure, and running smoothly after launch is vital for sustained success. However, it can also eat up precious time and resources.

This is where WordPress maintenance experts come in.

Helping you with everything from performance enhancements to seamlessly implementing updates, we suggest hiring WordPress maintenance experts who:

  • Take a strategic approach to maintenance planning, optimizing resources while mitigating risks
  • Have in-depth experience in performance optimization
  • Conduct regular backups and create disaster recovery plans
  • Are familiar with monitoring website analytics and user data for performance insights
  • Can implement and test updates for compatibility, lowering the risk of website downtime

8. WordPress Migration Experts

Smooth transitions have always been vital for site integrity, but as WordPress advances, they are increasingly difficult to achieve.

Luckily, WordPress migration experts can ensure safe, secure, and accurate moves, Handling every aspect of migrating large and complex WordPress sites and the data that goes with them!

But what type of WordPress migration expert should your business be looking for? Keep an eye out for experts who:

  • Are experienced in custom migration planning
  • Know how to handle and store sensitive data
  • Have effective URL redirection strategies for more professional and seamless transitions
  • Can efficiently troubleshoot and resolve post-migration issues and offer ongoing support
  • Are familiar with DNS record management and server configurations for greater control and more efficient migrations

9. WordPress Speed Optimization Experts

Users expect more efficiency than ever, so managing site speed is now critical for brand image and user satisfaction. WordPress speed optimization experts target areas where your website might lag, ensuring faster loading times and optimal user experience.

To keep your WordPress websites working at their best, look for WordPress developers who:

  • Are experienced in optimizing resource-heavy sites if they can increase page speed for these sites, they’ll have no problem with yours!
  • Have in-depth expertise in mobile optimization and performance
  • Know how to implement “lazy loading” for images and videos
  • Are familiar with leveraging Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) for faster page loads
  • Can optimize server response times for improved overall speed

10. UnlimitedWP Experts

As WordPress continues to keep up with technological advancements and, in some cases, lead the way, it’s crucial to have access to WordPress experts who can do it all!

But, because a ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ approach isn’t usually a wise move for successful businesses, WordPress agencies can be the perfect solution.

By partnering with WordPress agencies like UnlimitedWP, you gain instant access to over 100 WordPress experts, who can cover each of the services mentioned above. 

With such a diverse skill set, you have the ability to hire a WordPress developer or expert in the exact areas you need without having to lift a finger!

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