Wordfence Security – The Ultimate WordPress Security Plugin

by Ronik Patel

Wordfence Security – The Ultimate WordPress Security Plugin

WordPress security is continuously updated. It can be a little overwhelming, even for developers. With so many features being added to the platform, and with hackers getting ever more creative in their efforts to exploit our websites and steal from us, we need to have some precautions in place to keep our sites safe. In this blog, I will walk you through how to protect your WordPress site using Wordfence Security, but first, let’s look at exactly what hackers do.

The Anatomy Of A Website Hacking

Getting hacked is one of the most frightening things that can happen to an agency. But what does it mean to be “hacked”? The term “hacked” describes unauthorized access to a website, data, or software on a computer/mobile device. It is done to steal your personal data such as credit card numbers, damage your hardware, or install malware to collect the ransom.

Hackers can hack into WordPress sites in several ways: 

Guessing Admin Password: A hacker will first try to guess passwords like “123456” or “password.” Even if you have a strong password, hackers can still use online tools to guess millions of password combinations per minute until they get it right.

Leave The Back Door Open: The hacker will open a malicious back door in the open in the code, to access to the website, even after it’s been patched. This is done through a CMS plugin or theme with a vulnerability or by uploading a file that the server can execute.

Insecure Web Hosting: A poorly secured web host can be an absolute liability for any business, especially ones with many websites. Hackers gain access to a hosting control panel or FTP account and upload malware or change settings on the server to gain access.

Website Protection Using Wordfence Plugin 

Wordfence is a security plugin that protects WordPress websites from hackers. Since it was launched in 2012, it has been trusted by millions of people. It is also the highest-rated and most downloaded WordPress security plugin in the WordPress Plugin Library.

Here are a few of the critical features of Wordfence:

  1. The Firewall 

Wordfence’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) blocks malicious traffic before hitting your server. It scans billions of URLs a day looking for malicious code and adds those to its list of blocked URL patterns. The firewall automatically intercepts the offending IP address when a threat is recognized. Wordfence also releases new firewall rules against newly discovered vulnerabilities in WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

  1. Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is a feature that adds an additional layer of security to your login process. It’s one of the safest ways to authenticate a remote system. It requires users to log in with their username and password, plus one additional factor. Like a verification code sent to their phone via text or email. You can enable two-factor authentication for all users or just for individual groups. Previously, it was a premium feature, but it is now available to all users.

  1. Malware Scanner 

Wordfence has the largest WordPress-specific malware database globally, which they use to scan and protect websites against malware threats. You can use this feature to check your core files, themes, plugins, malicious redirects, and code injections in real-time. However, it is only available as part of the Premium version of Wordfence.

  1. 24/7 Incident Response Team 

The Wordfence team monitors attacks on websites around the clock. So they know when a hack happens, and they can step in immediately to stop any damage before it spreads too far.  They also have a network of more than 4 million active installations that use Wordfence. Which gives them their own set of eyes on the Web, looking out for threats.


Your WordPress site is only as strong as its weakest link, but whatever your level of technical expertise is. Wordfence WordPress Security plugin can help prevent hackers from exploiting harmful vulnerabilities through weak passwords and outdated plugins.  Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to try it out. Wordfence is a handy tool on any WordPress agency, and it’s one that you won’t regret installing. 

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