In this guide to building landing pages with SeedProd, we’ll talk you through this effortless drag-and-drop page builder to create attractive, interactive pages designed to boost sales and generate leads. 

The best part about all this is that it takes almost no time. 

From start to finish, everything we’re about to show you takes no more than a few minutes of your time, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of building a successful website.

How Much Does SeedProd Cost?

SeedProd is available in both free and paid options. 

The free version, SeedProd Lite, comes with the following:

  • Limited page templates
  • Limited blocks and page template elements
  • Drag-and-drop page builder. 

The paid version, SeedProd Pro, is available in four plans ranging from $39.50 per year for a single site license to $239.60 per year for unlimited site licenses.  

This plan includes more templates, blocks, and additional features like email marketing integrations.

Building Landing Pages with Seedprod: Step-by-Step Tutorial 

1. Install and Activate the Plugin 

Go to Plugins – Add New on your WordPress dashboard and search for SeedProd, then activate and install the plugin as usual. 

2. Launch the Setup Wizard

  • Once the plugin is activated, you’ll be directed to the Seedprod setup wizard. 
  • First, click Get Started and enter your email address in the designated field to claim your account. 
  • Next, select Setup a Marketing Landing Page from the list of options available. 
  • If you keep the Help Make Seedprod Better for Everyone tab checked, the plugin’s developers can track anonymized usage data to help them improve their service.

You can choose whether or not to toggle this option off and then click *Continue and Save*

3. Select Your Landing Page Template

In the next stage of the setup wizard, you can browse Seedprod’s impressive library of page templates, each designed with conversion optimization in mind. 

Here, you can use filters to search for specific types of landing pages, such as those focused on generating sales or signing up new leads. 

When you see a design you like the look of, hover your cursor over its thumbnail and then tap the magnifying glass icon to open up a full preview. 

If you’re happy with your page template, click Choose this template to select it. 

4. Choose Your Features 

SeedProd now offers you a range of features to install, including 

    • RafflePress
    • MonsterInsights 
    • All-in-One SEO
    • WPForms
    • OptinMonster.

If this is your first time building any kind of page for your website, you’ll find these tools helpful in helping you make the most of your landing page.

However, if you’ve already been running your site for some time, there’s a good chance you’ll already have some of these plugins or their alternatives so that you can opt-out. 

  • Drag and Drop Page Builder

This is SeedProd’s main feature and the whole reason you’re using this plugin in the first place, so be sure to keep it selected. 

  • Blocks and Templates 

As you’ll see momentarily, Blocks and Templates are the individual, customizable elements that make up your page. 

We recommend installing them unless you plan to design something from scratch. 

  • Email Marketing Integrations (Pro Version Only)

    SeedProd seamlessly syncs with a host of top email marketing tools, such as:

    • Aweber
    • ActiveCampaign
    • ConstantContent
    • Mailchimp. 

And others. 

Install this feature to make it easier to manage leads and sign-ups through your existing email tools. 

  • Website Builder (Pro Version Only) 

Although not necessarily relevant for building landing pages, the website builder can be handy for making your WordPress themes.

  • WooCommerce Builder (Pro Version Only)

The WooCommerce Builder is identical to the website builder, except it’s specifically for eCommerce stores. 

Install either (or both) of these options if you want to create other types of pages later.

5. Enter Your License for SeedProd Pro

If you selected any Pro features in the last step, clicking Save and Continue will take you to a new page where you can sign-up for SeedProd Pro and enter your license key. 

If you stick with the free plugin, you’ll still be taken to the upgrade page, but you can skip past it by hitting Save and Continue to move to the next step. 

6. Start Building Your Page

The next page simply confirms that the setup wizard was completed successfully, and you’re ready to start creating. 

To do that, click Finish Setup & Start Building Your Page

This will take you to the Setup dashboard, where you must click Edit Landing Pages

From there, select the page you want to edit, hover over its title to bring up the page menu, and click Edit.

7. Edit Your Page Heading

If you’ve previously used other drag-and-drop page builders like Elementor, SeedProd’s editing interface should be very familiar. 

On the left, you have a series of “blocks” and pre-designed page section templates you can add to your page, while the right features a real-time view of how your page looks. 

To start customizing this page, let’s begin with the heading. 

Here, all you have to do is click on the heading within the page design to bring up the editing options on the right. 

You can then use the text editor to change the text to something more fitting. 

Below that, you can customize your text’s size, alignment, and header tag, while pro users can also insert dynamic text, such as the current date, to keep your page looking constantly fresh. 

To change your headline’s style, switch to the Advanced tab to change the font, color, and other styling options. 

8. Edit Your Page Text

Now that you’ve learned how to edit your headline, you also know how to customize other text elements, such as subheadings, paragraphs, and button text, as the process is the same. 

Simply tap the page element you want to change, replace the placeholder text with your own, and move on to the next one.  

9. Customize Your Call to Action (CTA) Buttons 

CTA buttons are vital for successful conversion optimization, so let’s tackle those next. 

To edit an existing button in your template, click on it to open the editing menu, which allows you to do all of the following: 

Change the button text and add a link to your lead generation form or page for your conversion goal. 

Change the button’s color and shape. 

Make further tweaks to the button’s appearance. 

Adding a New Button 

To add additional buttons to your page templates, select it from the Blocks menu, then drag it onto the page and let go of your cursor to drop it into place.

You can then follow the same steps as above to edit that button. 

This process is the same for adding other elements, such as videos, images, and section templates.

Select – Drag – Drop – Edit. 

It’s that easy. 

10. Change Your Images

Next, you’ll want to replace the stock images with ones more relevant to your brand. 

Again, this is as easy as selecting a pre-existing image on your page and using the editing menu on the left to make changes. 

As well as selecting images uploaded to your media library, you can deploy different styling elements to give your photos extra pop. 

11. Customize Your Background Colors 

SeedProd’s approach to landing page creation uses rows and columns similar to a table. 

These rows and columns contain your content elements, but they can also be customized in their own right.

To do this, hover over the row or column and tap the gear icon in the top corner to access the editing options.

These options allow you to:

  • Set the background to a different color. 
  • Apply gradient effects.
  • Replace the background with an image.

12. Use Blocks and Sections to Finish Your Landing Page

By now, you’ve learned all the basic skills you need to build landing pages with SeedProd. 

You can drag elements onto the page, drop them into place, and edit them to suit your branding. 

Use your newfound design prowess to finish creating your landing page, and when you’re ready, move on to the final step. 

13. Preview and Publish Your Page

Before publishing your landing page, click Save, followed by Preview, allowing you to view your page exactly as it looks on your visitors’ web browsers. 

If you’re happy that you’re page looks excellent, functions correctly, and is designed from a conversion-first approach, tap the downwards pointing arrow next to the Save button and click Publish.

With that, you’re all done, and your new page is life on the web, ready to start pulling in those leads and sales. 

Building Landing Pages With SeedProd: Final Thoughts

From installing the plugin to hitting publish, the entire process of creating a landing page with SeedProd took us no more than five minutes, and there’s no reason why you couldn’t do it even quicker if you already have your content assets at ready. 

Ultimately, this is a testament to how quick and easy this beginner-friendly drag-and-drop page creator really is. 

Pick a template, add and customize element blocks at the click of a button, and you’ll have a powerful conversion-generating tool at your fingertips. 

All that, combined with the attractive free and low-cost plans, makes it definitively worth it to give SeedProd a try.