WordPress Whitelabel Development and Support Packages

Dedicated for Freelancers, Web and Digital Marketing Agencies
14-Day Money Back Guarantee



Full time help

$1,997 per month

  • Unlimited Tasks
    Sample Tasks

  • New site development

  • Unlimited Sites

  • 5 Tasks at a Time

  • 24-48 Hours Turn-around Time

  • Who is it for?

    You need help with multiple tasks throughout the month every day.



Half-time help

$997 per month

  • Unlimited Tasks
    Sample Tasks

  • New site development

  • 50 Sites

  • 3 Tasks at a Time

  • 24-48 Hours Turn-around Time

  • Who is it for?

    You need small or big help throughout the month constantly.



On the go part time help

$497 per month

  • Unlimited Tasks
    Sample Tasks

  • 15 Sites

  • 1 Task at a Time

  • 24-48 Hours Turn-around Time

  • Who is it for?

    You need small or big help throughout the month but not every day.

We also offer customized packages. Kindly schedule a call to get your own customized package.

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How do I request work and get updates on work in progress?

All work tasks can be submitted on our PM tool. And all tasks related communication, updates and delivery notifications will also be made within our PM tool. You should also receive an email notification about the task updates on email id used while signing up on our PM tool.

For any other queries, you can always write us at hello@unlimitedwp.com.

Can I really have unlimited task?

Yes, you can create and assign an unlimited amount of tasks to our WP Expert. Number of tasks handled at any given time will be based upon your package. Once the task on hand is complete, we’ll proceed with the next task. If the task is not achievable in 24 hours, we will inform you about it.

Unlike our market competitors, We do not limit you by type of tasks you can ask us to do. We limit it by the number of tasks we will do for you at any given time. We also do not limit how much development tasks you can assign. How much we can get done each month depends on the complexity of tasks.

What type of tasks can I assign?

You can send us any type of task that is related to WordPress development. Tasks can be a new development, customization requests, debugging, resolving conflicts with other plugins, fixing bugs, site security, theme updates, plugin updates,  content migration, etc. You can check the full lists of different services you can access with your plan here. We do not restrain our clients on the type of development task they assign.

How long does it take to complete a task?

That depends. Typically, small tasks will take us about 4-8 hours to complete, test and share updates with you. If the task is larger or more complex, we’ll contact you and share the estimated time of task completion. There is no task too big for us to handle.

If you request work over the weekend, we’ll usually complete it on Monday unless we believe it to be urgent.

How are you different from the competition?

As our plan says, we do offer truly unlimited tasks. Our tasks does not have terms and conditions. You can assign any type of tasks that you want without any time constraint as long as it can be.

Will you support more sites than mentioned on my plan?

Of course! you are welcome to sign up to multiple accounts if you have more sites. Or you can contact us for a custom plan in case you have more than 15 websites to support and maintain.

What kinds of websites do you help with?

We are 100% focused on helping those with WordPress websites of all shapes and sizes including personal websites, small business websites, large scale websites, membership, WooCommerce/eCommerce and eLearning sites. Our team has over 10 years of programming experience working on all types of WordPress sites.

How do I share confidential information of website like credentials and account details?

We use lastpass for sharing site credentials and account details which is much more secure and manageable compared to sharing it via emails, texts or comments. You can share all the credentials with our lastpass account id: hello@unlimitedwp.com We normally need the WordPress admin credentials, C-Panel and FTP account details to work on any project.

Do you offer any SEO services?

We do not provide SEO services because we are 100% focused on being the best WordPress development team. However, we can help with optimizing the on-page technical SEO of your website if you advise us of the keywords you are targeting. We can also help make recommendations regarding SEO tools within WordPress and help you set those tools up on your website.

How can I change or cancel my plan after signup? Is there any lock in contracts or hidden fees?

Yes! You can change plans or request to cancel any time by logging into our website unlimitedwp.com and accessing my account page. There is no lock in contracts and all of our plans are month to month, which means you can cancel any time before the start of your next billing cycle and we won’t charge you for that next cycle. We also have no hidden fees or overages. You can see a list of everything that is included in each plan on our pricing page.

What are your hours? Where are you located?

We have offices in Boston, USA and Ahmedabad, India. All of our development tasks are carried out during 12:30 AM to 9:30 AM (EST time zone) so you have all your tasks completed and ready to share with your clients every morning. We also have a support team for urgent requests that is available from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM (EST time zone).

How will I be billed?

Your credit card will automatically be billed each month, for the amount of your plan(s), on the day that you signed up.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 15 day risk free period to test our services during sign up. If you do not wish to proceed with our services, you will be refunded with the monthly subscription fee within 24-48 working hours.

What happens once I sign up?

Once you have signed up, we will create an account for you on our PM tool and share those account details. You can immediately start sending us those tasks using the PM tool.

How to place orders of new website build or a larger project?

You can schedule a call with us to discuss your project needs and we will share the cost and price estimates as per the project scope to begin with.

How many revisions do I get?

There is no limitation on the number of revisions you can get for any given task. Our team of developers and designers are dedicated to provide you 100% work satisfaction.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes, we do. You can always schedule a call with your dedicated Project Manager to discuss any tasks or projects. We use zoom for voice and video conferencing.

How long does it take for my account to be setup after signing up for a monthly support plan?

We will create your account on our PM tool within 24 hours of signup on business days. If signed up on weekends, it may take upto next working business day to create your account.

What if I don't need monthly support?

We also do work on a project basis. You can write us at hello@unlimitedwp.com or schedule a call to discuss your one time project needs.