To make your WordPress post easy to navigate, it’s always good to have the knowledge of embedding your post. Many visitors want to confirm your information, and as such, you should give them the right. How do you embed PDF WordPress without a plugin? Is it reasonable to embed a PDF with a plugin on WordPress?

Either way, it’s your decision. But one thing you should know is that having too many plugins will affect your website speed. Depending on the WordPress website you operate, plugins might be helpful. You may want to ask why we embed a PDF on a WordPress website and whether it is compulsory to do that.

Of course, it is compulsory if you want your readers to access the information you post. Sometimes, you may write a post and probably want to share course materials, eBooks, or even restaurant menus. This way, your readers can download, read or print the information as needed.

Have you been surfing the web to learn how to embed a PDF? If that seems like a yes, the process can be daunting. You may get the right information, but understanding it can be challenging. That’s why we are different. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to excel on your WordPress site.

Today, we will explain the several ways to embed a PDF on your WordPress. Not only will you understand it, but with our self-explanatory guide, you can practice it without any issues. I’m sure you’d love to see why we are different. Catch up with us and continue reading to see how we are different.

Ways To Embed PDF On A WordPress Website In Seconds

There are many ways to embed PDFs on WordPress. The first one is to embed without a plugin, while the second one is to use a plugin. Let’s start our discussion with the best plugins to use in embedding a PDF on your WordPress site. Without further ado, below are the best plugins to embed a PDF on WordPress.

● PDF Embedder
● Embed PDF Viewer
● PDF Viewer for WordPress
● Gravity PDF
● PDF Poster
● EmbedPress

Installing Plugins to Embed PDF on WordPress

Installing the plugins mentioned above is similar to how you install new plugins on your WordPress site. The first thing to do is to download the plugin in the plugin search function. Type the name of the plugin you want to download. Once the plugin has been retrieved, select install and activate it afterward. You will find the PDF Embedder installed on your WordPress

Configuring Your PDF Embedder’s Settings

After you might have installed your choice of plugin, the next thing is to configure the PDF Embedder’s setting. Here, you need to open the settings page and click on the PDF Embedder within your WordPress dashboard. However, the free version of these plugins provides a limited option which includes the following.

● Height and Width show where you can set a specific size for your PDFs. Meanwhile, you may need to select the exact height or width that you want to avoid PDF Embedder to display PDFs at their original size

● Toolbar Hover is the section whereby you can decide whether to have the toolbar permanently visible or just to appear when a user navigates to the PDF

● Toolbar location is another thing to take into consideration. Here, you must choose whether you want to display your toolbar at the top or bottom of the page. This makes it easy for your readers to zoom in and out as they wish and even toggle between pages

Uploading and Embedding the PDF

After you might have completed the steps mentioned above, you can follow the same process as you would upload an embedded image. Open your post, navigate to where you want the PDF to be displayed, and click on the add media section. Select the files you want and upload them to the media library. Once this has been done, insert it into the post, and you’ll see a short code for your PDF. So, preview and publish to display.

Embedding a PDF Using Google Drive

This is the second method on our list. You can Embed PDF WordPress Elementor into your WordPress website using Google Drive. The first thing is to upload the PDF to your Google Drive, then embed the file on your website using the iframe code. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make it work.

● Log in to your Google Drive or create one if you don’t have

● Upload the PDF to your account by clicking the file upload section at the left-hand side menu and selecting the file from your local computer

● Make the file sharable by clicking on the get sharable link so that it will enable your PDF to be viewed publicly

● You can also click on the advanced bottom to disable the option to download if you don’t want your PDF to be downloaded

Embed PDF Using HTML Code

If you understand or probably have coding experience, you can embed HTML code on your website. To find the embed code, you just have to click the three dots icon and select Embed item. Afterward, copy the code displayed and switch to the WordPress dashboard and open the page where you’d like your readers to see the PDF. Switch to the text view, paste your code and publish.


The different methods mentioned in this article are good options when you want to embed PDF WordPress without a plugin. So simply choose the one that works best for you. It’s easy to create, embed, and display whatever you want to your readers. Nonetheless, understanding how to embed the right way is always good for readers to understand your information better. Refer to this platform for more!