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Best Project Cost Calculator Plugin for WordPress – FREE

A great tool for providing project cost, boosting conversion rate and generating more leads!

Instantly display a quote form to your visitors using our Cost Calculator. It is fast, simple and beginner friendly with unique features that allows users to get a quick quote of all or part of their project, so they can visualize the cost of the product or service that you’re offering.

Best part is you collect leads from prospective buyers.

Use all these features, without writing a single line of code!

Our Unique Features

Bulk Pricing

Per Item, Per Quantity, Per Cart!

Total Editable Form

Customise to your liking

Live Estimation

Allow visitors to estimates project cost right away

Rate Calculator

Build fast and easy forms to save time and generate leads


Pick a color scheme that matches your brand, and define the desired fonts

Itemised Overviews

Freedom to save, print or send

Required Fields

An Improved User Experience

Instantly Load Free Templates

List of pre-built templates to get started with collecting leads in under 2 minutes

1 Web project cost estimate

2 SEO service cost estimate

3 Social media campaign cost estimate

4 PPC campaign cost estimate

5 Logo design project estimate

Frontend Elements

Frontend Elements

Allows users to instantly choose different quantities with a simple drop down list feature.

Dual Layout Options

Stepped layout for modernised look & Classic layout for Retro look.

Radio Buttons

Simple way for users to choose from a list of options.

Range Slider

Allows users to select values between a defined range.

Toggle Switches

Different choices or options are presented in one element.


Allow your customers to pick and choose what they want.

Form to Collect Leads

Lead forms with two settings options to collect leads


What is the cost of WordPress Cost Calculator Plugin?

You don’t have to pay anything, it is totally FREE!

Is there a TAX/VAT feature in this WP Cost Calculator?

Yes, it has the feature to calculate TAX or VAT.

Can I use the plugin, if I don’t know coding?

Yes absolutely, you can use it without the knowledge of coding using our pre-built templates.

Can I use this plugin to create any type of cost forms?

Yes, plugin comes with 5 demos that are suitable for digital agency business however you can customise them or create completely new calculator forms for your business.

Is the plugin compatible with my theme and page builder?

Yes, our plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and page builders.

How does this plugin help me get leads?

Each calculator form comes with a pre-built form optimized in placement to help you collect leads.

Why is this plugin free?

UnlimitedWP is behind the development and support of this plugin. We are a white label WordPress development agency. We create free tools and resources that helps agency owners grow their business.

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